Indie v Traditional Publishing Then and Now

Nail Jell-O_v2Do you ever feel like you are living in a world dominated by the experience of purchasing the latest iWhatever, and by the time you get home with it, a newer version has comes out and you have an instant kindred-spirit connection to the dinosaurs?

As writers in today’s world of publishing, keeping up with the latest developments is like trying to nail Jell-O to the ceiling. And although the following two articles are dated about three years apart, they provide informative snapshots of the industry then and now as seen by Jane Friedman and published on her award-winning blog.

As originally published here, I made the mistake of assuming that Ms. Friedman wouldn’t mind my including the text of her posts on our website. I’ve apologized to her, removed the posts, and included only the links.

If you haven’t seen these articles, do yourself a favor and take a look: (4/14/2016)

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