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  1. Dear NIP,

    I am a committed writer and am very interested in becoming a part of this group in order to receive feedback on my work and provide others with my insight regarding their own creations. I am willing to provide material for the next meeting on the 24th or subsequent meetings. Let me know what I should do.

    Greg Buford

    • Hi, Greg, and thanks for your interest in NIP-Austin.

      You are more than welcome to visit our meeting on August 24th as a guest, and we’d love to see you there. But just so you know, we will not be conducting a standard roundtable. The meeting will be devoted to an alternate format session with an open, free-for-all discussion on various writing topics of interest to members.

      To become an “official” member of the group, you can follow the steps in the “Join” link in the menu bar above.

      As for submitting material, we require that new members attend a minimum of five roundtable sessions prior to getting on the schedule. Over the years, we’ve learned that this prerequisite allows time for new members to evaluate the group and ensure that the fit is a good one.

      That said, new members can immediately submit a “probe,” consisting of no more than 5 pages in our standard format. Although members are not required to read and comment on a probe, they are generally willing to do that. We recommend bringing 5-8 hard copies to the meeting, and sending an electronic version to me so I can distribute it to all the members.

      I’m sending the text of this reply to your email address as well.

      Tosh McIntosh
      NIP-Austin Moderator

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